Whether or not your loved one left a last will and testament, probate law will take over when he or she dies. An estate is established by the county of your deceased’s residence, and the estate maintains all of the assets of the estate until they have been distributed to the proper parties, which can include a spouse, children, other beneficiaries, or creditors.

The probate attorneys at the Law Offices of Christopher R. Mallicoat have extensive experience in the Beverly Hills and Los Angeles probate courts and can assist you if you have been named the executor/executrix or administrator/administratrix of an estate, no matter how simple or complex.

Estates can be time-consuming, confusing, and stressful, especially when you are grieving. We take the burden off you, allowing you to breathe easy as we make sure all matters are handled according to the law.

When probate matters are mishandled, the consequences can be costly to the estate and the beneficiaries, causing more expenditures, as well as expensive delays. In extreme cases, the executor or administrator can even be held liable for the mistakes. You need experienced probate lawyers on your side to ensure that you are not put at risk.

We Provide a Thorough Analysis of Your Probate Matter

Under the supervision of the probate court, we can perform all tasks related to estates, including, but not limited to:

  • Submitting last wills and testament for probate
  • Preparing tax returns on behalf of the estate (including fiduciary)
  • Contacting heirs, beneficiaries, and creditors
  • Collecting estate assets
  • Preparing an inventory of assets
  • Selling property or personal effects to liquidate the estate
  • Settling or contesting any claims brought against the estate by third parties
  • Preparing all reports required by the probate court
  • Distributing assets according to the last will and testament or the rules of intestate (when there is no will)

Staying On Top of Your Probate Matter

One of the most important aspects of handling probate matters is taking care of documents and notifications in a timely manner. This is what avoids the problems that can arise, especially when many parties are involved. We field phone calls – so that you don’t have to – from impatient beneficiaries and creditors or heirs who have questions about how the estate is proceeding. We keep a detailed calendar to provide the probate court with every document required on time.

Trusts and Contests

Another service we offer is assisting you if you have been named as a trustee or successor trustee to any kind of trust, whether living trust, family business trust, life insurance trust, special needs trust, etc. Trusts can be extremely complex and require a deep understanding of the consequences of your choices. We can take over the administrative duties of the trust and advise you of the best decisions for all parties involved.

If you feel that an estate has not been handled properly or that a will is being executed against the wishes of the deceased, we can assist you in contesting the will. Should your probate or trust matter end up in litigation, we can handle this case for you as well, doing everything possible to ensure that your rights and the interests of the estate or trust are protected.

Don’t delay in hiring an attorney to handle your probate or trust matter. The sooner you have an experienced lawyer in your corner, the more likely everything will go smoothly. Call the Law Offices of Christopher R. Mallicoat today at (310) 553-0106 for more information.