Wills & Trusts

Wills & Trusts

Even wealthy people sometimes put off making a last will and testament because it is an emotional process. It brings up a number of feelings about mortality, and difficult decisions may have to be made about how to divide up assets or secure the well-being of loved ones.

When you pass away intestate, however (without a will), it can be devastating to your heirs because it is more expensive to your estate, and it may take more than a year for your estate to get through the court. Plus, your estate must be distributed according to California law without your wishes being taken into account.

The best time to prepare your last will and testament is when you are healthy and not under pressure. Our expert estate lawyers at the Law Offices of Christopher R. Mallicoat can offer you advice as to how to handle your will, including Estate Planning. We can help you make informed and smart decisions about your will so that your wishes are carried out after you are gone.

We Ensure that Your Will is a Sound Document

The last thing you want is for your Will to be improperly written so that it is subject to contests by those who might be unhappy about your decisions. Additionally, they have the ability to take you right past the courts and make a distribution to your heirs quickly. You require highly experienced Beverly Hills estate attorneys who understand the law in Los Angeles to draft a will for you that cannot be easily contested.

We ask you the right questions to make sure that all of your wishes are provided for in your will – questions such as:

  • Who should be named as my executor/executrix?
  • What are the different types of bequests, and how can I best decide which ones to leave my beneficiaries?
  • Can I provide for the care of my children in my will?
  • What happens if I die before my children are of age? Can I appoint a guardian to take care of their money?
  • What is the best way to bequeath valuable or sentimental personal effects?
  • How do I bequeath property or businesses?
  • How can I best avoid disputes within my family that could lead to contests of my will?
  • What if I want to disinherit someone?
  • Can I provide for my pets in my will?
  • How do I leave money to a charity or to a business?
  • Where should my will be stored to ensure that it is safe?
  • Do I need a trust?
  • What are estate taxes, and how do they work?
  • What if the competency of the person making the will is in question?

Do You Need to Change Your Will?

If you have a prior will, you should review it periodically to decide if it is still in keeping with your wishes. You may decide to disinherit someone, or you may have had a child, you may have married, or gotten a divorce since your last will was drafted. If this is the case, you should alter your will immediately to make sure that only the people you wish receive your assets. A codicil may be all that is necessary, which is an amendment to your current will. We can help you determine how to revise your will so that it expresses your desires for your assets.

Most importantly, our estate attorneys can make the probate process simpler by preparing a sound, well-drafted will for you.

Your mind will be at ease, and you will sleep better if you take care of this important matter as soon as possible. Contact the Law Offices of Christopher R. Mallicoat now at (310) 553-0106 to make an appointment to discuss your will.